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Triple Scott, located in Morgantown, WV, has set the bar high for housing, especially for students. This apartment rental company makes finding and living in rentals a plain and simple process, but its properties are anything but! Triple Scott puts its residents' comfort first, to ensure their stay is first-class.

Why they hired us

Triple Scott recognized and responded to the need for a higher-quality housing standard in one of the best small towns in America: Morgantown, WV. Management was seeking a way to let potential customers see this for themselves, and also to provide a greater service to existing tenants through enhanced web-based services.

What we did

Triple Scott needed a new brand image, eye-catching photography, and a highly functional website. We began with the brand and worked outward. After we designed a logo that better captured the attention of potential tenants, we set our sights on shooting quality photography.

Brand Image

The housing market is very competitive and driven by peak seasons. The brand we designed for Triple Scott had to strongly reinforce the company name and value offering to achieve the optimal top-of-mind awareness desired. For this reason, we chose to design the logo as a modified form of the company name instead of a supporting stand-alone symbol (the door within the two Ts).

Website - desktop view

Online Presence

Creating a marketing- and service-based website is easier said than done. We had to have a solid understanding of how Triple Scott business operated. Management helped us define aspects for improvement and we took care of the simplifying.

See website


Luckily for us, Scott Properties made our job much easier by sparing no expense on the architectural aesthetics and construction materials used. We just made sure the lighting was right and the images were in focus to bear the essence of these great apartments.

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2201 About Town Place - Morgantown, WV 26508

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