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Screech Owl Brewery

Screech Owl Brewery

We brew craft beer. The world is our audience.

Garage beer, you ask?  Well, yes it is.  Brewed in the mountains of West Virginia using the well water with which they have been abundantly blessed. Screech Owl uses only the finest hops, barley, and grains that are procured from all over the world and sometimes from right here on their own farm.

What began as a hobby and a distant dream became a pursuit for the founders of Screech Owl. At the early stages, Screech Owl’s owners had the foresight to do things right from the start and knew that began with a solid brand image. They sought out MMD to create a compelling logo that would serve as the basis for all subsequent branding and marketing efforts for their brewery and restaurant.

Logo Design
For the SOB logo, we wanted to create a memorable and iconic brand that was flexible enough to work on labeling and various collateral placements. The screech owl symbol captures the essence of that species of owl’s personality in a creative and unique way. We kept the color palette very simple so multiple sub-colors could be used and not conflict with the overall brand.


Label Designs
We created a label design for the bottles, cans, and keg collars the was clean, concise, and overall brand-focused. This allowed us to modify certain select areas of the design with different colors to represent different brews. The result is a label that is easily recognizable, flexible, and distinguishable among competing brand label designs.


Let's make something great, together.

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2201 About Town Place
Morgantown, WV 26508

(304) 241-5771

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