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Rectenwald Brothers is a highly skilled retail general contractor with a diverse team of professionals that possess deep knowledge in every facet of commercial construction. The successful completion of thousands of projects with a consistently high level of customer satisfaction has made Rectenwald Brothers one of the most trusted names in the industry across North America.

Why they hired us

Rectenwald Brothers was already a very successful and well-established company. They had outgrown their old brand image and needed strategic and creative guidance to re-align their true brand perception and facilitate further growth.

What we did

In conjunction with the leadership of Rectenwald, we outlined the specific marketing goals and targeted objectives necessary to methodically grow their brand and creative. This also took into account how to properly release and announce their new corporate brand and value proposition to current and potential clientele.

Website - desktop view

Website Design & Development

The online presence we created for Rectenwald needed to serve as both a marketing tool and an operational asset. The website was built on a dynamic content management system that enables Rectenwald to have control over their content. The design was kept very clean, visually strong, and pointed on messaging.

Brand Messaging

Rectenwald is unique from other retail contractors in that they are essentially high-tech project managers. They leverage the most robust systems available in the construction industry which compliments their vast knowledge and construction experience. We leveraged this balance of brains and brawn to create the brand statement “Proactively Managed. Technically Advanced. Experientially Guided.” This mantra encapsulates who they are and has driven all subsequent branding initiatives.


Commercial Photography

Compelling photography will make or break a website. We provided commercial photography to capture brand infused imagery of workers and projects.

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