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Morgantown Dental Group

Morgantown Dental Group

Something worth smiling about.

Morgantown Dental Group (MDG) believes that quality matters in every aspect of dental care without exception—whether it's the caliber of patient experience, service, or results. The company strives to confront and overcome the many negative perceptions people associate with going to the dentist.

Morgantown Dental Group is the oldest and most respected dental practice within the market. However, over the course of 80+ years, the practice relied solely on reputation and took no initiative to promote the business. As time progressed and competition dramatically increased, the practice lost its place in the minds of potential patients and became relatively unknown. This had to change. And it all started with us.

After a comprehensive assessment of the practice, we defined a solid marketing strategy for MDG. Because the dentists have a strong commitment to always doing what is best for their patients, we wanted to portray this philosophy across their promotional materials. Over the past four years, we have continued to provide strategic guidance, design and development services, videography, and many other services to continue the upward trajectory of the business.


Website Design and Development
Most people have a natural hesitancy about going to the dentist. That's why we designed the MDG website to put patients' fears at ease by humanizing the dentists and the practice through straightforward dialogue. The website includes educational content, video testimonies, and resources for new patients to expedite their wait times. Plus, we positioned Morgantown Dental Group in the #1 spot for multiple Google searches.


Commercial Photography and Videography
Our direction for shooting the corporate video was to give viewers a warm, welcoming, honest, and personable impression of MDG. We showcased patient success stories and ultimately demonstrated why MDG is the preferred dental practice. Additionally, we capture compelling imagery of the dentists, staff, facilities, and interactions with patients. The combination of both photography and video helped to humanize the practice and alleviate new patient anxiety.

Brand Messaging
We created the "[Quality] Matters" campaign to target individuals who want the best in dental care. The campaign's flexibility enabled us to replace [Quality] with the other things that "Matter" to MDG and its patients. When people want quality in dentistry, the choice is clear. Just the way we intended it.

Let's make something great, together.

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