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The MCI Group comprises four distinct companies covering a range of contracting services in different industries. The four companies are each self-sustaining, but become a powerhouse when working together, as they utilize the diverse capabilities of the group.

Why they hired us

The MCI Group was already a very successful group of companies that boasted a rich history in the American Dream. Initially, they came to us seeking help with rebranding the various company logos. It ended up being the beginning of a long-term business relationship.

What we did

Once the logos were created, we turned our attention to the bigger picture. The company lacked a concise and intentional marketing strategy for proactively promoting the MCI Group. We fixed that, and outlined an enthusiastic branding and positioning campaign to correct misapplied brand perceptions, and dominate the industries where they operate. The overall results have led to a dramatic increase in revenues, a #1 positioning on Google for many core search terms (at the national level), and a renewed sense of pride among workers within the MCI Group.

Preston Contractors


A successful logo should be simple, scalable, relevant, memorable, and if possible, possess an element of wit. Each logo created for Preston Contractors, Mountaineer Contractors, Kittanning Contractors, and Everson Resources follows these foundational principles of branding and have successfully become symbols of excellence. We are proud to say that they each stand out among the masses in highly contested industries.

Photography & Videography

Some things come across stronger when seen, rather than when said. This rang true for this project, and we dove in full throttle to capture iconic brand-infused photography and video of the people, equipment, and work of these great companies.

Website - desktop view

Online Presences

The differences between having a website and having an online presence are many. Some of the more notable differences involve spot-on content and messaging, technically sound frameworks and coding, killer photography, and hard work positioning on search engines. Each website we designed and developed for the MCI Group has these characteristics in spades, and also a few special things (our “white hat" secret) that pushed them to the forefront of the web world.

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