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KLM Properties is a distinguished real estate agency in North Central West Virginia. For more than 20 years, they have helped customers with residential and commercial buying, selling, and renting.

Why they hired us

KLM initially engaged us to determine the best approach for growing the business in a strategic fashion. KLM was already successful, but needed a way to become differentiated in the market.

What we did

A solid marketing strategy takes into account a company's past, present, and future perspectives. With a clear understanding of these factors, we conducted in-depth market studies, analyzed the target audiences, and formed strategic objectives for calculated growth. The primary item we addressed was to completely redesign the website, which would implement a more dynamic property search interface. We've also created brand messaging campaigns to promote top-of-mind awareness in the area.

Find it. Buy it. Sell it. Billboard

Marketing Campaigns

We coined the campaign concept phrase: "Find it. Buy it. Sell it." as KLM's anchoring message. We've implemented this concept on billboards, the website, and across multiple promotional items. It was a simple and clean way of reinforcing the KLM brand and its offerings and has been instrumental in achieving top-of-mind awareness within the core markets.

In addition to the primary campaign concept, we established segmented concepts geared toward the two separate target audiences: "Take the Buyer's Journey" which directly keys in on buyers, and "Hey Sellers, We Handle It." reaching sellers. These concepts are call-to-action centric and strive to motivate potential buyers and sellers respectively to hire KLM.

Website Design & Development

The single best tool for a real estate company is the Internet. We designed and developed a marketing- and service-based website to promote KLM's strong points, and also provide a valuable resource for users to search for new properties on the market. The result is an online presence that attracts over 200 unique visitors per day.

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